THE ART: "Adrift"
THE ISSUE: Plastics & Trash Ruining our Environent

"Albatross (Synthetic Sea)" (2007)
Choreographed by Monica Favand Campagna in collaboration with Taryn Wayne
Composer: Charlie Campagna / Costume Designer: Monica Campagna
Performers: Taryn Wayne (soloist) and Monica Campagna, with Andriana Mitchell (end)
Taped: April 2007- Unknown Theater, Los Angeles by Carol Gehring

"Adrift" premiered in 2007 as part of TRIP Dance Theatre's evening length work, "Poisoning the Well". This piece, and much of "Poisoning the Well" was inspired by a series of articles in the Los Angeles Times, "Altered Oceans", which focused on the effects of human pollution on our oceans. "Adrift" was being created during some of the windiest weather I have ever seen in Los Angeles - plastic cups and other trash was flying over buildings, getting caught in trees, and undoubtably ending up in sewers headed towards our oceans. These plastic bags and other trash seemed almost alive, playful and sweet - though their presence is a serious menace to our planet. I chose to keep the feeling of innocence in this wind-blown dance of two pieces of trash dancing their way through the streets of Los Angeles. Many thanks to Taryn Wayne for her choreographic contributions to this piece.

INFO: Each year, the U.S. alone throws away 1 billion plastic bags. 4-5 Trillion bags are produced each year world-wide. Less than 3% are recycled and many end up in our oceans after being blown there on the wind. 100,000 sea mammals and fish die annually from consumption of plastics, including plastic bags which sea turtles mistake for jellyfish. South Africans have dubbed plastic bags the National Flower thanks to rampant littering. Other names for the bags are “Tundra Ghosts” and “Landfill Snowbirds” (Alaska), “White Pollution” (China), Witches’ Knickers (Ireland – named for their tendency to become tangled in trees.) Use of plastic bags have either been taxed or banned in Kenya, British Columbia, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Zanzibar, South Africa, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Ireland and Mumbai (India). Congratulations to San Francisco, the first U.S. City to ban plastic bags at large grocery stores and pharmacies!

ACTION: There is one simple action we can all take that will have an enormous impact on the health of our planet and its inhabitants. The next time you shop, don't leave the store carrying a plastic bag. If everyone did this, one of the most lethal polluters created by man would be removed from circulation. >READ MORE.

>LEARN about plastics and the threat to marine mammals HERE.
about alternatives! - PROGRESSIVE BAG ALLIANCE
Ban plastic bags in Los Angeles - SIGN THIS PETITION!

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